Share is an game where you control a shark and swim around. The goal is to eat everything that comes in front of you. There will be other creatures in the sea with you, like crabs or other sharks. Besides that, you can also look for people you can hunt. The goal is to eat as many other animals as you can so you can grow and get stronger. Bigger sharks can kill you quickly if you get too close. The game can also be played on a cell phone. So let's play, shall we?


  • Extremely real beach settings.
  • There are a lot of hunting thrills in the many missions.
  • Smooth, easy, and fun to play.
  • Real water physics, and sharks that move and act in cool ways.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics and realistic water environments, like beaches, docks, and the open sea.
  • Fun joystick controls let you move and attack with the shark. Beautifully animated sea and beach scenes.
  • Amazing animations of sea life.

Controls Guide

Use your mouse and touch your mobile device to move.



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